YouTube Layout Changes Help You Market Your Local Business Online

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Hi, this is Chris Leake with Local Leverage, bringing you tips and information to help you market your local business on the internet.

In today's video I want to talk about the overhaul that was just given to YouTube and what this means for marketing your business online.

So I'm signed in to our Local Leverage YouTube account right now, and as you can see I'm right here on the home page,

If you use YouTube at all you’ve probably noticed the big changes that were recently made to it.

So let's talk about this. The home page has been given a total overhaul.

Now you used to see really just a bunch of random videos in different categories when you're on the home page of YouTube.

What they've done now is they have given you this kind of three column view to the home page.

Now remember, this is only when you're signed in to your account.

So when you’re signed in to your account over here you see some links to your stuff, and then you have a list on the left of all the different channels that you subscribe to.

Here in the middle column you have a news feed, so all the different channels that you subscribe to, right here you're seeing all of their activity in this feed – new videos that they've uploaded…depending on your settings you might see new channels that they have subscribed to, videos that they've liked, things like that.

So this is basically a newsfeed in the middle column.

And then we get some recommended videos and other stuff over here on the right.

And over here on the left column, like I said, we see this list of channels that you subscribe to.

Then you can click on any individual channel and then you'll get this news feed here of that channel, so we can see videos that they subscribe to, new things that they've uploaded, videos that they've added to a playlist.

Does this remind you of any other website that maybe you use a lot?

If you use Facebook, you see this is a lot more like Facebook now.

Now one thing that people don't realize about YouTube, YouTube is a social network.

It always has been, but people have not necessarily realized that a lot. A lot of people just kind of view YouTube as a video hosting website and don't understand that YouTube is a social network.

It's a place where people connect, where people subscribe to one another's channels, they like videos, you add things to playlists, you leave comments, and what YouTube has done with this overhaul is they have now set it up to work really a lot better as a social network, and I’ll talk about the implications of that in just a minute.

I'm going to click through here where it says ‘My Channel’, and I’m clicking through to our Local Leverage channel now.

So here's the new page, and this can be set up a few different ways. I like this new channel page.

So what we're getting here is a newsfeed also. Now we're seeing Local Leverage – channels that we subscribe to, videos we've uploaded.

They even have this feature here where you can post essentially like a status update that will get posted here on your new channel.

So all of this has obviously now made YouTube function a lot more like Facebook. You have a home page where you see a newsfeed from all of the different people you subscribe to, and then on each individual channel’s page a newsfeed of activity from that channel.

So what does this mean for marketing your local business online?

I think these were great changes. I think this really gives a boost to marketing your local business through YouTube.

The reason is if you put out good content, stuff that people are going to be interested in and it’s related to your business or your field of work but useful or engaging or entertaining content that people are going to want to watch and you can get people to subscribe to your channel, you really are going to have a much easier time of keeping in front of people now.

Because now when people subscribe to you they sign in to YouTube and right on their home page they're going to see this feed and get to see recent videos that you put out, whereas before, even when people subscribed to you it was much harder still to get your content in front of your users.

Video marketing is one of the most powerfully things going out there today, and you can talk to Local Leverage more for some more ideas about how you can utilize that for your business.

But I just want to point out these changes and talk about the implications. They can really help you stay in front of people and get your messages out there.

And in the biggest thing always to remember when you're putting out content on the internet and certainly on YouTube is that has to be useful and engaging for people.

If you just put together videos that are kind of just big marketing messages for your business or, you know, “Come buy from us”, people aren’t going to want to watch those.

But if you put out engaging stuff that helps people, educates people, entertains people – things they want to watch, that's the big key.

That's when you're going to be able to get your videos watched, and the new YouTube format is going to help you stay in front of people and connect with potential clients and customers I think better than ever before.

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