How to Show Star Ratings on Google Places

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Hi, this is Chris Leake with Local Leverage, and in this video I'm going to talk about the stars that appear next to some Google Places results on Google.

So let me show you what I'm talking about. I'm going to do a search here for bridal shops in Fresno, California.

And here are the results that we get. Scrolling down here a little bit, all of these results here that have this map pin next to them, these are Google Places results.

And you'll notice, and you've probably seen this before, that some of these have these stars highlighted next their business listings, but a couple of these here do not.

And so a lot of people want to know, "Well, how can I get the stars to appear?"

And first of all, if your business has really negative reviews from your clients, from your customers, then you probably don't want to worry about getting the stars to show up.

What you want to worry about is your business practices and what is it that's leaving people dissatisfied.

Correct that problem first, and then worry about getting positive reviews to show up in your Google Places page.

But let's assume that you have a good business, that most of your clients or customers would leave you a four or five star review.

What can you do to get these stars to appear next to your page?

And it's actually very simple, once you have a minimum of five reviews left on your Google Places page, these stars will begin to show up.

So you can see here, 22 reviews, 16, 6, 14…that's why the stars are showing on all these ones, whereas this one right here doesn't have any reviews left, this one right here has three, and so they have not yet reached that threshold of five to get those stars to start showing up.

Let me show you couple of other examples here…I'm going to go to restaurants in Fresno, California, and this one we get seven Google Places results here.

Restaurants tend to get a lot of reviews left on them, so you can see all of these have at least five if not more reviews, and so every one of them the showing a star rating.

This is what Google is going for, they want to get lots of people leaving information and reviews on local businesses.

And then when you skim down this list you can get a quick kind of visual representation of who's getting the highest reviews.

Let's look at one more example. I'm going search carpet cleaning in Fresno, California, and look at this one:

On this one you've got seven places results right here.

Only this business right here has reached the threshold of five or more reviews to show the stars.

They've got good reviews left, and so this nice bold five-star ranking really jumps off the page.

It really makes this business standout even though it's not ranked first on the list.

So assuming that you're doing good business and people leave good reviews on your business, then ask your ask your best clients and customers to leave one on your Google Places page, because as soon as you get five you're going start showing the stars, and it's really can enhance your listing.

In a case like this, if you're the only person who has it, it's really going to make your listing jump off the page.

One caution is that if you have legitimate reviews that have been hand-written by your customers, the temptation is to just go ahead and add to those into Google Places yourself because they're legitimate reviews.

Don't ever do that though, because Google has several ways of tracking who is leaving the reviews on your Google Places page, and sooner or later they will figure out that it's you, and they will ban you for that, so that would not be good news it all.

So don't do that, make sure the customers themselves go leave reviews for your business, and you'll be able to get the stars showing up and that will enhance your business listing.

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