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Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Chris Leake with Local Leverage, and in this video I want to show you a really good little resource that Google just came out with that has to do with mobile websites for your business.

The reason mobile websites are important is that in the next few months over 50% of people in the United States are going to own a smartphone, whether an iPhone or an Android or something like that.

And in the next one to three years estimates are that the majority of visits to you business' website will actually be coming from a mobile phone rather than from a computer.

So it's really important that you have a separate version of your website that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. And that's where we enter this new website that Google has come out with called

A little tip by the way - anything that Google does is usually a really good bet as being something that's important for your business to pay attention to.

So com is a website Google put together to help people optimize their websites for mobile devices.

And the feature I want to show you about on here is where it says 'Test Your Site'. So if you click on this then come down here and then click 'Test Your Site' you can actually enter the address of your website and see how it looks on a mobile device.

So I'm actually going to put in a website that we just did for a client - a mobile version of their website.

So you just enter it in there and then we have to wait just a minute for Google to spit out this report.

And while we're waiting for that, if you're not sure if your website is optimized for mobile devices - after you see this video and use this website you'll be able to kind of get an idea of what kind of shape you're in - but you can contact Local Leverage and we would be very happy to give you a no-obligation kind of test website to look at.

In other words, we will create a mobile version of your website, kind of a mock-up and let you see what we can make your website look like on mobile devices.

We don't charge you anything to create the mockup for you and show you that. There's no obligation, so contact us and have us create one for you and take a look and then you can decide if it's something you'd like to implement for your business.

Now once this is loaded, Google wants to ask us a few more questions here: They want to know on what category of website this is.

Most people who are local businesses and many of our clients are going to fall into the 'Lead Generation' category

You can read through this to make sure you choose the right one for your business, and then based on that Google asks some questions:

Do we see broken images or missing content? No.

Can we read the text without zooming or scrolling? Yes.

Can links and buttons be clicked with a thumb? Yes.

Is your pertinent contact information visible? Yes.

And can the phone number be clicked to initiate a call? Yes.

So we answer those questions, and then we can get our results. And there we go.

So this website we just did Google scores a 4 of 4, because it loads quickly, the site's images appear properly, we can see the text without having to pinch or zoom, and the navigation is easy to use with the thumb.

And then if you scroll down here a little further, you can click 'View Full Report' and Google will actually give you a several page report on that.

So this is just a little resource,, where you can check your website, see how well it's optimized currently for viewing on mobile devices and then contact Local Leverage and have us give you a no-obligation free mock-up of your website as a mobile site, and it's something you can take a look at and then decide if you'd like to implement it for your business.

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