Website Design

Website Designs that Make Your Business Money

Having a good website is not optional for local businesses, it's a necessity. But did you know that the design of your website can have a significant impact on whether the website makes you money and on how much it can make you? Before hiring someone to build or redesign a website for your business, make sure you have a clear idea of how the website will make you more money. If you're not sure, consult with someone who understands internet marketing for local businesses.

Most Web Designers are NOT Marketers

When having a website built for your local business, you have a couple of choices. If your primary goal is an expensive, amazingly unique, stunningly beautiful website, hire a website designer. Most local businesses don't need this, though. If you want to make more money, hire an internet marketer. And if you want to learn more about the difference between a website designer and an internet marketer, enter your information on the right to receive our free videos.

Website Design: Investment or Expense?

This question has a simple answer. If the website you build for your business makes you more money than you spend on it, it's an investment. The higher the ratio of money spent on the website to money earned because of the website, the better the investment. If your website doesn't make you as much money as you spend on it, then it's an expense. We know how to make your website an investment, not an expense.

Attractive Website Design with Marketing Savvy

Local Leverage provides professional website design for our clients in Fresno CA, Clovis, and beyond. We build local business websites that are attractive, engaging, useful, and that play a clear role in your marketing process. We can build a new website from scratch, redesign an existing website, or add to your website.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Fresno Website Designers

  • How will this website make me more money?
  • Will the website be coded in such a way that I can easily add to it later? Can you or someone else add to it?
  • Will the website have my colors, logos, images and branding, or will it be canned and generic?
  • What will the website revision process look like?

The #1 Website Mistake that Costs Local Businesses Thousands

Be sure to sign up for our free videos so you can learn what this mistake is and how to avoid it! No one wants to lose thousands of dollars, so educate yourself before hiring a web designer in Fresno.

We are confident we can provide an attractive, affordable website for your business and create a clear internet marketing strategy to increase your profits. Will you give us the opportunity to earn your business? Make sure you enter your information in the form to receive our free videos, then call us at (559) 776-5208 for a free website design consultation.