Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Done for You

If you have watched our free video series (just enter your info in the form for instant access), you know why social media can be a powerful tool in the hands of savvy local businesses. Like the kind of businesses who outsource their social media marketing to local internet marketing professionals. (Yes, that was a shameless plug. But hey, if we didn't believe in what we're doing...) The trouble is, most local businesses don't know how to make social media work for them. If they do know how to make it work, they just don't have the time to pull it off. Enter Local Leverage, setting up or enhancing social media profiles for your business and then maintaining them for you.

Custom Tabs for Facebook

Can we be honest? Most local business Facebook pages are incredibly dull and unengaging. But you probably already knew that. But a Facebook page for your local business doesn't have to be that way! For those who know how, Facebook gives you the opportunity to incorporate all kinds of engaging content. Adding custom tabs that accomplish your marketing purposes make your Facebook page like a separate, miniature website for your business. Incorporate your business branding, sign people up for your mailing list, share exclusive discounts, and do almost anything else you want with custom Facebook tabs and applications. Instead of first showing visitors your wall or information tab (read: boring), give them a custom landing tab that shows them what sets your business apart.

Social Media Posting Done for You

Having social media profiles for your business is great, but the difficulty for most owners comes in maintaining those accounts. Starting a social media account, posting a couple of times, and then not touching it for weeks on end may do more to hurt your business' image than help it. How can you effectively run your business, deal with all the demands on your time, and still have time for good interaction with social media? The answer for many business owners is that you can't. But you CAN hire local interner marketing professionals to do it for you! That way your business can have a great social media presence, connect with customers, and not fall apart at the seams in the process.

Custom YouTube Channel Design

Your YouTube channel is the special profile page YouTube gives your business. It's your chance to stand apart from the crowd and shine! We can brand it to your business with a great profile picture, selection of your best content to highlight, and striking background graphics. Custom graphics go a long way to encourage people to subscribe to your channel and interact with your business. A custom YouTube channel is one great element of an effective online video marketing campaign.

Custom Twitter Profile Design

Your Twitter profile will look great and extend your branding with a custom background and profile picture. After setting up your profile, we can send out regular tweets for you, too. Whatever will best serve your business in internet marketing we're here to do.

LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other Social Networks

The internet is constantly changing. New sites where people connect and interact are coming on the scene all the time. Already have a good presence on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube? We can help you expand your internet footprint by building online real estate for you business on LinkedIn, Google+, or any other social network we determine would be effective for your business. We can help you get new profiles up and going as well as manage social media campaigns by regularly posting to and interacting on these sites.

To Learn More About Local Leverage's Social Media Marketing Services...

First, be sure to get our free internet marketing training videos for local businesses. You won't regret educating yourself! Once you've done this, give us a call at (559) 776-5208 to set up a free, private internet marketing strategy session.