(SMS) Text Message Marketing

The Opportunity of (SMS) Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing for local businesses has grown into a powerful tool in recent years. Subscribing to your messages is very easy for your customers and can be done in several different ways:

  • Texting a "shortcode" to a number reserved for your business
  • Entering a phone number into a form on the internet
  • Scanning a QR code with a smartphone

Text messages are short, powerful, and likely to be read almost immediately by the vast majority of your subscribers.

Text Message Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Here are just a few of the many ways different local businesses can use text message marketing to connect with their customers:

  • A restaurant that's having a slow night can send a message offering free dessert for anyone who comes in within the next two hours. This can bring in a wave of business on what would have otherwise not been a very profitable night.
  • A car repair shop can text its customers to remind them when it's time for different maintenance jobs to be performed.
  • A retail store (clothing, for example) can offer daily specials that only subscribers to their text message list get to know about.
  • A plumbing company can send out job appointment reminders to customers before the technician arrives and then ask for feedback after the technician leaves.
  • A financial advisor can send a messages letting clients know to check their email for a link to his/her latest investment tips article.

Are you starting to see the potential of text message marketing? What ideas can you come up with for how your business could use text messaging to connect with your clientele? To explore this possibility more, get instant access to our free internet marketing training videos for local business owners and marketers. Then call (559) 776-5208 to schedule a free, private internet marketing strategy session for your business.