Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you're not exactly sure you understand search engine optimization (known as SEO), click to learn What Is SEO.

Professional SEO Services from Local Leverage

  • First page rankings for your website (see the success stories below).
  • Ranking for the terms you choose.
  • Ranking for terms that are relevant to your business and that get traffic. It does no good to rank for terms no one searches.
  • Google Places Optimization. This has changed the game, and many seo companies don't understand it. It's the most important type of SEO for a local business, and it takes totally different techniques.

SEO Success Stories

We have a track record of success for our clients providing SEO services in Fresno, CA and beyond. Here is some of what we've done:

  • We took a local business that was barely on the first page of Google for only one search term. Within three weeks we had that business on the first page for over half a dozen important terms. Most importantly, the phone was ringing with new customers.
  • We launched a new website and marketing campaign in a local business niche. In just over a month, we owned the top six spots in Google for the primary search term for that business.
  • We rebuilt the website of a local business that wasn't ranking well in Google. Six weeks later that business had moved up in ranking for 14 important search terms. Even better, it was appearing on the first page of Google for 8 new terms for which it previously hadn't ranked.

Why SEO Isn't Enough

Many local businesses wonder if the solution to their online problems is just getting ranked higher in Google and other search engines. This belief is fueled by the salespeople who constantly bombard you, pitching their services "guaranteed to put you on the first page of Google".

We don't have time to cover it all here, but if you sign up for our free videos (just enter your info in the form on the right) you'll quickly learn why SEO isn't enough. Don't miss out on this opportunity to educate yourself! Our video series will give you a framework that will make it far easier to evaluate all the different internet marketing services people pitch to you.

We're confident that once you watch this free video series, you'll be contacting us anxious for our SEO services as well as help applying our principles to leverage the internet for better-than-ever profits for your business.