Online Reputation Management

The Need for Online Reputation Management Services

The internet and social media allow your customers to connect with one another and talk about your business in ways never before possible. This is mostly a good thing, but it does have a few pitfalls:

  • As they say, if your customer is happy, they'll tell a friend. If they're upset, they'll tell everyone they know.
  • Competitors or people who for some reason don't like you can post fake negative reviews on the internet, posing as real customers of your business.
  • A couple of negative things said about your business in key places can cause significant damage to your business

We have witnessed firsthand the damage that can be caused to a local business by negative online reviews, whether those reviews are warranted or not. The dialogue that takes place about local businesses is now far more public than it used to be, thanks to the internet. The worst thing you can do as a local business is to not engage in the online conversation about your business.

What Does Online Reputation Management Entail?

  • Setting up alerts so that whenever anyone says anthing about your business online, you find out right away.
  • Monitoring all the most popular online business review sites for new ratings and reviews left about your business.
  • Engaging customers in dialogue online, providing thoughtful, professional responses to feedback given about your business, products, and services.
  • Creating a system for regularly soliciting new reviews online from satisfied customers of your business.
  • Providing a way for unhappy customers to privately share their concerns, helping prevent the public posting of negative reviews on the internet.

Professional Reputation Management Done for You

We provide all the services above so that you can have peace of mind knowing someone is constantly looking out for your business' reputation online. After all, you probably see the great importance of reputation management, but what business owner has time to constantly monitor everything that needs monitoring on the internet?

Rest easy, we'll do it for you. Call (559) 776-5208 to schedule a free consultation and learn how online reputation management services can work for your business. We'll share the proven strategies we don't have time to tell you about here! And by the way, be sure to access our free internet marketing training videos for local businesses if you haven't already.