Google Places Optimization

Google Places Has Changed the Marketing Game

Google gave local businesses a significant boost in getting found with the creation of Google Places. Have you ever done a search in Google and seen certain search results that had a little red map pin next to them? Those are Google Places results. If you have a local business with a listed phone number, chances are Google has already created a Places page for your business.

How to See if You Have a Google Places Page

To see if Google has already created a Places page for your business, go to Google and do a search for your business name + your city. If you get a result that has a red map pin next to your business name, that's your Places page. If you don't see any result, find the menu on the left side of the Google results page, click 'More', and then click 'Places'. Now see if a result appears for your business. If all else fails, try doing a Google search for your business phone number. If you can't find a Places page for your business, then Google likely doesn't have your business information and a page will have to be created from scratch.

Optimizing Your Google Places Page

The good news is that Google Places gives local businesses a great way to be found by customers looking for you. The bad news is that Google will only show Places pages for a maximum of seven businesses on the first page of Google. If you're not one of those seven, your chances of being found by customers on Google are very slim. Properly claiming, filling out, and optimizing your Google Places page will help your business be listed as high as possible in Google.

You can tackle this yourself, or you can hire us to help. But beware - even simple, innocent mistakes can get your Places page banned from Google, so be sure to do your homework!

Sound Scary?

If what we just said makes you nervous, give us a call at (559) 776-5208, and we'll be happy to help. We charge a very reasonable fee for local business Google Places Optimization, and this one simple service can often provide significant returns in terms of greater visibility and more customers. Oh, and be sure to get our free internet marketing training videos for local businesses!