Email Marketing

When and Why Email Marketing for Local Business Works

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools currently in existence for local businesses. Some of you will be skeptical about that statement - read on. (Even better, enter your info in the form to receive instant access to our internet marketing training videos for local businesses.) Here's why email marketing, used properly, can make you more money than almost any other marketing strategy:

  • Let's start with the obvious - email is instant, reasonably personal, and very inexpensive.
  • You only send messages to people who have asked you to contact them. These are usually people who already know, like, and trust your business.
  • People who know, like, and trust you are by far the most likely to do business with you, especially if they have done business with you before. Many times they're just waiting for a reason to give you more money.
  • When you are in regular contact with your fans by email, providing them with valuable information, they are far more likely to say yes when you ask for their business.
  • Other forms of marketing are often expensive and have low conversion rates. Email marketing, for the reasons explained above, can give a great return on investment.

Email "Marketing" Gone Wrong

If you have bad feelings about email marketing for your local business, it's probably because you hate spam. We do, too! Here's why we all hate spam:

  • You didn't ask to receive the message.
  • The message is about something in which you have no interest.
  • The email doesn't come from someone you know, like, and trust.

Email marketing to a group of people who know, like, and trust your business is far from spam, and gives radically different results.

How a Marketing Professional Can Make Email Marketing Work for You

Some email campaigns give exponentially better results than others. The tiniest details, such as how your subject line is worded, how long the message is, and how you frame your call to action can have a dramatic impact on whether your messages are even read, much less whether they deliver the desired result. Experience is an incredible teacher with local business email marketing. We can't share all our secrets here, though! Once you've accessed our free internet marketing training videos for local businesses, call us at (559) 776-5208 to schedule your free, private internet marketing strategy session.