Meet the Founders

Chris Leake

Chris is a transplant to the Central Valley, having grown up in Colorado. Before moving to Fresno he lived for seven years in southern Mexico with his wife and four daughters, serving marginalized indigenous communities there as volunteers. While in Mexico, Chris developed a strong interest in websites and the internet. He spent many evening and weekend hours devouring internet marketing blogs and learning to code websites.

Upon moving to Fresno, Chris decided to bring his internet skills and entreprenurial aspirations together in the founding of Local Leverage. A firm believer in local businesses and the power of community, Chris has already come to love the Fresno area in his short time living here. He believes the best for Fresno and considers it a privilege to be able to contribute to the success of local businesses.

In his free time, Chris can often be found playing with his wife and girls, fishing, speaking Spanish, or cheering for the Denver Broncos.