Google Search Results Domination

We created a test marketing campaign for specialty contractors in a city of about 100,000. This campaign included a simple website, a couple of short videos, and a Facebook page. Since it was a test, we only targeted one search term with this campaign - when people type that phrase into Google, we want our stuff to appear. Given the size of the city and the business niche it was, not a ton of people search for this term. When they do, though, you want to appear first in Google.

Within 5-6 weeks of launching this campaign, we owned the top six search results in Google for the keyword phrase we targeted. This is a powerful example of search engine optimization and how it can be used to help local businesses be found by people looking for them. Note that we did not have to do any paid advertising in Google to obtain these results. We only used free, ethical techniques (known as "white hat SEO") available to any business that wants to get ranked higher in search engines.

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