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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Chris Leake with Local Leverage and I’m shooting this little video right here to do a case study on the impact that leaving a review on a local business’ Google Places page has on that business’ ranking in local business searches in Google.

So I’m going to leave a review on this restaurant right here, La Esmeralda.

This is a little Mexican restaurant, and my family and I went down there a couple of weeks ago and ate there together.

We actually lived in Mexico for a few years, so we'd love good, authentic Mexican food, and we really enjoyed this place.

So as you can see I’m in Google here, and the search that I've done is restaurants in Calwa, California, and I’m looking just at the Google Places results right here, so all these local business listings…and the restaurant I’m currently looking at here, they're currently ranked on Page Two of the results and next-to-last on Page Two, so that means that they're currently ranked 19th in Google Places for the search “restaurants in Calwa, CA”.

So I’m going to click through to their Places page right here, and here it is, pretty empty, they haven't claimed it or put any information on it.

I’m just going to leave a review here on this business.

So I’m going to give them a rating, and I’ve already written out a review that I’m just going to paste into here and then just rank them down here on food and service which were both great.

Atmosphere and value I’m kind of neutral on, so I’m just going to leave those like that, and I’m going to publish this review.

So there it is, and I’m going to come back out here to this search and refresh this and just make sure this took.

Okay, it took, and I’m noticing already that I do not see that business there anymore.

So the first thing I’m going to do, I’m going to come sign out of my Google account now, and the reason I’m doing that is because once you have left a review on a place or sometimes done certain searches or clicked on certain results, then Google will actually skew your results according to that, so that's why I have now signed out of my Google account so we can get authentic results here.

And so here we are, restaurants in Calwa, California, we’re in Google Places on Page Two. As we look down the page here’s La Esmeralda Restaurant.

So they are now the sixth result on the second page of Google, which means they're 16th overall, which means by leaving one review on their business that I just did they moved up three spots Google Places.

Obviously this is not a super-competitive niche, restaurants in Calwa, California…most of these people here have not claimed their Google Places page, so not always will leaving one review have this kind of impact, but this is just a little case study, I wanted to see what would happen, and we see a definite result, this restaurant immediately moved up three spots just by having one review left on their Google Places page.

And people are definitely reading these reviews and considering them when they are considering what local businesses they're going to they're going to patronize, so I highly encourage you to claim your business’ Google Places page if you haven't already.

The way to do that is very simple, up here in the upper right corner you just click where it says ‘Business Owner?’, and Google will take you through the claiming process.

And very important, have your happiest customers and clients leave reviews for you on your business so that people get positive feedback on you when they're checking you out online.

If you need help with any of this, we would be more than happy to help you out! This is the kind of work that we do with our local business clients all the time, so give us a call at Local Leverage at (559) 776-5208.

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